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La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park




La Vallee des Couleurs
Welcome to la Vallee des Couleurs, haven of peace and beauty. Forget all your worries and daily stress and let yourself be carried away by the mystery of this fantastic panorama.
Since the 23-coloured earth was discovered on the 4th of July 1998, "La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park" has become one of the most famous and unique attractions of the island, which fascinates Mauritians as well as foreigners.
Nature lovers are bound to like this place; it is quite a unique experience with the indegenous fauna and flora that abound in the park. Visitors are treated with a range of natural landscapes, including plateaus, mountains, valleys, craters and crater-lakes.
The park is also home to tortoises, monkeys, stags, fish and birds such as the Pink Pigeon, Paille-en-Queue and Câteau Vert, amongst others. Various endemic trees to the likes of Ebony, Bois de Natte, Takamaka and some other rare plants also contribute to the beauty of the park.
Cascade Vacoas, Cascade Bois de Natte, Cascade Cheveux d'Ange and Cascade Chamouzé are the four wonderful waterfalls where visitors can listen to water rustling, relax in natural intimacy and feel inner peace. The park also offers a captivating and breathtaking panoramic view of the South Coast.
The main attraction is the fascinating 23-coloured earth whose origin dates back to millions of years following the eruption of the Bassin Blanc volcano - its ashes, which bear witness to that event, are unique in the world

La Vallee des Couleurs is an extraordinary place where you can have the opportunity to contemplate a beautiful land, which is composed of twenty-three colors. A lush vegetation, birds, animals, endemic plants, ponds, rivers and the multicolored earth from the magnificent landscape.
Explore the real beauty of nature with a stroll on or on quad bike. La Vallee des couleur is a pleasure for all senses: the songs of birds and the sounds of waterfalls are like the sweetest music and the picturesque view is a pure delight for the eyes. The restaurant of the vallee provides delicious meals that will ravish you if ever you feel hungry.

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