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Tea Route



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The Tea Route is a unique and charming excursion, bringing together gastronomy, history and culture. This itinerary makes one discover two closely related worlds: tea and sugar. Take a trip into the Mauritian history and its colonial heritage by going through Le Domaine des Aubineaux, Le Domaine de Bois Chéri and Le Domaine de Saint-Aubin.

Le Domaine des Aubineaux

The old colonial house exhibits antique furniture from the 17th century, a collection of portraits and photos of the old Curepipe and of colonial houses that have long been demolished. The house is surrounded by a beautiful garden with camphor trees, exotic plants, endemic trees and a five-century old Colophane tree.

Bois Chéri

Bois Chéri offers a wide selection of tea flavours. The Domaine de Bois Chéri is located in the highlands in the south of the island. At about 500 meters of altitude, this charming site has the ideal conditions for tea plantation. The tea factory of Bois Chéri is operating since 1892, and is the first and largest tea producer in the country.

The Plantation of Saint-Aubin

The estate offers in a single location an overview of activities that have marked the economic history of the island: a sugar factory converted into a museum, an artisanal distillery, a vanilla and anthuriums greenhouses. It was built in 1819 from wood salvaged from demolished ships.


As for lunch, you will have the choice of either enjoying a delicious meal at the Bois Chéri Restaurant, a charming restaurant with a hill top setting, or at The Saint-Aubin Restaurant, a colonial house turned into a restaurant.

The Bois Chéri Restaurant is located in the midst of endemic trees and plants and offers magnificent views over the tea plantation, the lake and the entire Southern Coast of the island. It also provides one of the best Mauritian cuisines, prepared from carefully chosen ingredients.

Le Saint-Aubin Restaurant on the other hand, is a restaurant offering the very best of the local Creole cuisine, made from the local, fresh ingredients. Le Saint Aubin Restaurant is also the best place to discover and enjoy the famous St. Aubin 1819 rum. This traditional rum is produced and bottled locally on the premises of Saint Aubin.