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Bernache Island




There may be many islets scattered around the coast of Mauritius, but only a few are accessible for outings, picnics and getaways. Surrounded by stunning beaches and turquoise lagoon, Ile aux Bernaches is a must for all those looking for a unique escape.

Located not too far from l’Ile d’Ambre, L’Ile aux Bernaches is a tranquil islet that will absolutely seduce you. Featuring among the few islands accessible to public and tourists, Ile aux Bernaches offers unforgettable experiences and activities.

To get to the islet, you have to head to the north east of the island, namely at Poudre d’Or. Boat and water taxi departures and drop off to the islet start there. Note that drop offs and take offs are done according to the tides. Normally take off from Poudre d’Or is between 9am and 10am and drop off back to Poudre d’Or is between 3pm and 4pm

Once on the atoll, you will discover blue lagoons and white sandy beaches. If you are a fan of adventure, better wear closed shoes. You can enjoy hiking inlands while discovering treasures of the island. You can also walk through the mangroves to discover hidden spots. Nevertheless, do be careful as you can cut yourself with sharp or broken shells.

If you are more of a sea, sand and sun type, wear your swim suits, googles, flip flops, bring along your sand towels. The lagoon is ideal for a nice swim, snorkeling and amateur fishing. The island is also ideal for a picnic day. As the vegetation is semi-arid, you can picnic under the shade of the filaos. So don’t forget to bring your food and drinks. Note that many agencies organize catamaran trips to the island. Packages include snorkeling, welcome drinks, and barbecue on the beach, among others.

However as a reminder, in order to preserve the nature and eco system, bring along trash bags. You can either wait till you get home to throw the bags or you can also find bins on the island to dispose of them.

If you are looking for a quiet island away from the crowds and tourist mass, Ile aux Bernaches is a must for you. As most of the visitors gather on the southwestern part of the island, you can walk around looking for a peaceful oasis. You can sit on the beach, admire the postcard view, read a good book, listen to your favorite music track or let yourself get carried away by the relaxing sounds of the waves crashing on the beach.

You can also experience a night under the stars on the island. Bring along your lamps, torches, tents, sleep bags and pillows to spend a serene night away from the uproar and hassle of the city. During summer, don’t forget to bring sun screens, sun glasses and mosquito repellents. At night, you can go for crab hunt on the beach or lit up a camp fire where you can sit around with your family and friends and sing songs. Trust me, the escapade is all worth it.